Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Erotic Cocktail

Conceived online in the® Author’s Hangout, Coming Together is the result of many hours of collaboration between some very talented authors, poets, and illustrators who have (ahem) "come together" to produce a scintillating erotic cocktail. In each volume of this series, the reader may partake of a variety of intoxicating spirits: group sex, romance, both hetero- and homosexual romps, humor, incest, bondage, anal sex, dominance/submission, fantasy, and fetish. While each individual ingredient may not suit the tastes of every reader, the savory combination of flavors is sure to stir every imagination.

Proceeds from the sale of regular editions of Coming Together will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation which is dedicated to protecting our online freedom of speech. (Special editions of Coming Together may benefit other organizations/causes.)

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