Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Volume 1

Coming Together (Volume 1)
Smut. Porn. Erotica. Whatever you want to call it, ladies and gentlemen... This is it!

Coming Together: An erotic cocktail is an impressive collection of stories, poetry and illustrations by amateurs from across the globe. In these pages you are sure to find feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires that will strike very close to home. There are stories of the mundane made glorious, and stories of the glorious made mundane. There are fantasies that could never happen in real life, and others that most certainly could and probably have. There are sexual orientations of every kind, positions galore, and more than a few moments that will make you laugh out loud even as you get turned on. There will be times you want to put this book down, and there will be times you simply cannot bear to do anything but keep reading. In other words, everything you want is right here.

~ Gwen Masters

Originally published at Cafe Press, June 2005 (ORDER HERE)
Republished by Charles River Press, March 2007 (ORDER HERE)

Table of Contents
  1. Foreword (Gwen Masters)
  2. Preface (impressive)
  3. Introduction (cantdog)
  4. The First Time (matriarch)
  5. Not What You See, What You Feel (English Lady)
  6. petition (4degrees)
  7. Sex & Candy (yui)
  8. stretch marks (sophia jane)
  9. She Had Had Enough (vella_ms)
  10. What Lie Is This? (Amy Sweet)
  11. She Danced (Liar)
  12. Cusp (impressive)
  13. Take Two (Colleen Thomas)
  14. The Offering (logophile)
  15. The Sequoia Secret (Black Tulip)
  16. Mind Fuck (angelicminx)
  17. Faded Rose (Amy Sweet)
  18. Coffee Break Fuck Poem (Liar)
  19. Use Your Imagination (TheEarl)
  20. Man of Steel (LadyJeanne)
  21. Mythical Encounter by the Stream (CrimsonMaiden)
  22. Beast (Belegon)
  23. Wetter Has Never Been Better (impressive)

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