Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Introduction: Special Hurricane Relief Edition


The language used to describe orgasms is often powerful, wild, and evocative. It pulls on the imagery of storms. Words like "deluge" and "flood" are used to describe the physical release of the sexual act. Stormy eyes lead to wet panties and then to thunderous orgasms.
Sex and storms are closely connected in the minds of many.

However, the reality is that some storms are not sexy. Some storms destroy livelihoods, lands, and lives. Some storms happen on such a massive, unexpected scale that they cause total chaos.
Hurricane Katrina was one of the extreme examples of this kind of natural disaster. This powerful storm smashed into a 90,000 kilometer area off the Gulf coast of America in the fall of 2004. It all but destroyed several towns and villages as well as the well known jazz capitol, New Orleans. The damage was catastrophic, and it will take years to rebuild all that has been damaged.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans became refugees, seeking the very basics of sustenance: food, water, clothing, and shelter. They battled just to live—just to survive—and all they really wanted was to go home. Unfortunately, for many it was an impossible dream.

When the denizens of the Author's Hangout at Literotica.com® heard about this, they naturally wondered, as we all did, how they could help. They pooled their expertise, their skills, talents and inspiration, and created this special edition of Coming Together. All the proceeds from the sale of this volume will go to the American Red Cross to help provide aid to those who most desperately need it.

So you can do something to help. You have already done something to help just by purchasing this collection of rainy day erotic stories and storm-inspired poetry. We all can do something. We all have talents that we can use to help, and we can make a difference simply by doing what we can: by not thinking individually, but collectively—by coming together.

~ Victoria Blisse
a/k/a English Lady

# # #


Death and sex. Disaster and sex. It seems that personal tragedy requires affirmation of life. When faced with the apparently random acts and displays of unparalleled puissance and anonymous destruction, what bigger affirmation do we poor people know that has the same intimacy, the same energy, the same shout-it-from-the-rooftops-we-are-here, as the act of physical love?

We pour our love, our hot volatile need, our gentle but urgent persuasions towards, around, and into our partner of the moment: wishing, hoping and anticipating our reward. That small, endless, titanic, momentary reward which leaves us less and increases us greatly. Knowing our variously voracious or inconsequently insipid appetites can never be filled we nevertheless contrive to partake of it again.

In that act, that race towards orgasm, that outpouring of lust, we defy nature, scream at the stars, and challenge the cosmos to do its damnedest.

And so, be it by acts of sexual abandon, gentle love, or basic urges, we declaim to an uncaring universe: We are alive. We thrive. We will continue.

~ G.C. Rider

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