Thursday, September 15, 2005

Introduction: Volume 2

There is a whole other world out there. Nestled in among the spam, the fluff and the marketing tricks, hidden behind all those wasted bits and bytes, ordinary humanity has invaded the internet. It is no longer available only to computer geniuses; it is the domain of ordinary people. We can meet, make friends, fall in love, fall out of love. We can talk, we can learn, we can listen to points of view we'd never dreamed of.

We can also find themselves thinking things we'd never dreamed of. Being a person that we'd never dreamed of.

The internet gives us a chance that was not available to previous generations. We can be anyone on the internet. We can reveal everything or nothing; we can create an entirely separate persona. In our real lives, we live out our days, working hour after hour, doing something utterly mundane and normal. Yet online, we can be someone different, someone dangerous, someone new. Someone sexy. We can come as we aren't.

When the authors from these books slip on the comforting vestments of their noms de plume, they become someone else. They become the people who their friends and families would be surprised to meet. They are free. Free from society's mores and manners, free to say anything, to do anything, to tell anything.

That freedom is why this book exists. Most of these authors are completely normal people. You would pass them on the street and (apart from a brief ogle) you wouldn't give them a second glance. Yet inside, they are wild and dangerous. Sexual, sensual beings, who aren't afraid to vocalise their fantasies and who have the skill and ability to transmute those feelings into delicious words.

We come from every corner of the globe, from every walk of life, from every race, country, creed and colour. We have different politics, different religions, different opinions and different sexualities. Yet we come together on one thing: We are free.

This book is a presentation of that freedom. It is here because we want to share what we have. The feelings that each story evokes are our gift to you and we sincerely hope that you enjoy them.

If you do, remember this. These stories are only there because we feel free to express our inner sexuality. And I believe that we make the world and ourselves just that little bit better by doing it.

And all because of a few bits and bytes.

~ The Earl
August 2005

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