Thursday, September 15, 2005

Volume 2

Coming Together (Volume 2)
Grab a cold one, kick off your shoes, sit back, and prepare to be satisfied. Coming Together will slake your thirst for the erotic. From the original illustrations to the savory poetry to the stirring prose, you’re sure to delight in the many fine flavors of this cocktail. Take a sip of the succulent, swirl the sweetness around on your tongue, slam it home with a hardcore chaser, then come back for another round. It’s a heady mix of intoxicating spirits, but without the hangover!

And the cherry on top? All proceeds from the sale of this series go to organizations which work to protect your freedom of speech! You'll not find a more “satisfying” way to protect your civil liberties than by chillin' with the hottest erotic cocktail in print.

~ Alessia Brio
  author, fine flickering hungers

Published September 2005 (ORDER HERE)

Originally published at Cafe Press, September 2005 (ORDER HERE)
Republished by Charles River Press, April 2007 (ORDER HERE)

Table of Contents
  1. Foreword (TheEarl)
  2. Preface (Alessia Brio)
  3. Introduction (Black Tulip)
  4. Wet Dream (Tristesse)
  5. Dr. Bob and His Dildo (ABSTRUSE)
  6. XES (neonurotic)
  7. Wet Panties? (Belegon)
  8. A Seduction in the Dark (LadyJeanne)
  9. The Spirit of Frankenstein (Quiet_Cool)
  10. Invisible (sophia jane)
  11. Buzz Me (rgraham666)
  12. Almost Enough (Belegon)
  13. Possession (cloudy)
  14. May (Boxlicker101)
  15. Public Humiliation (Tatelou)
  16. gloss (minsue)
  17. Chocolate Sauce and Handcuffs (matriarch)
  18. There’s Always Heaven (impressive)
  19. Outdoor Angie (Rumple Foreskin)
  20. With You Without Me (Dar~)
  21. Be Gentle with Her (Alex De Kok)
  22. base+ment (4degrees)
  23. A Honeymoon Affair (Awful Arthur)
  24. Bite Me (Liar)
  25. Do You Still Love Me? (Dranoel)
  26. Questions (matriarch)
  27. Pleasing Ellie (sophia jane)

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