Thursday, December 15, 2005

Introduction: Volume 3

Freedom of expression. Three little words that can be so easily underestimated in their value and importance. These three words can cover much of the beauty and joy that embraces what it means to be human. We think, therefore we can create. Creation can encompass a multitude of media, forms, and outlets.

One of the building stones of creation and expression is individuality. Individuality can be the glue that holds people together and the force that drives them apart. The Internet has become both a media and vehicle to allow more people to express their individuality publicly than has ever been possible. We are becoming a world of individuals bound by communication with others throughout the world. No longer does your group have to include the people down the street, across town, at school, work or your place of worship. Your global community can be as wide and varied as are the many forms of expression.

If you have individual humans, eventually, you have eroticism. It is simply part of the human animal. The desire to excite, attract and entice other humans to yourself. Being more or less devoid of the plumage and other physical attributes that the animal kingdom assigns to its many members, creative expression had long been used as the substitute in the desire to attract other humans. Throughout history this has been demonstrated in the various forms of expression of every culture and grouping.

Today, two of the more common expressions of eroticism are the written word and the artists drawing of the human form. There are many, many more forms, the variety being just as broad as the human mind can imagine. One of the advantages to the written word and the artists drawing is the factor of portability. It is no longer something that must be associated or attached to a given place. You can take a book or a drawing with you in whatever you do.

Because of the Internet, authors and artists have been able to meet and join together to offer varied views of eroticism. Because of the Internet, places like Literotica can grow and flourish. Their beauty is not in their uniformity, but in the amazingly diverse group of individuals that are able to share their creativity with an even larger public. The denizens of the Author's Hangout at Literotica® are from every occupation, socio-economic group, sexual preference, and religious background. Their commonality is the desire to explore and share their varied views on the nature of eroticism.

Coming Together is just such an undertaking, presenting erotic writings and drawings in a manner to offer something for a variety of palates. The contributors are as varied as the Internet. They have cooperated to show a small window into the world of eroticism. Hopefully, their work will stimulate your thoughts about the variety and beauty of the eroticism of the human animal.

~ Hugo Sam

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