Saturday, June 16, 2007

With Pride!

Coming Together: With PridePhaze, the erotic imprint of Mundania Press, LLC, is NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS for an anthology to benefit HIV/AIDS research!

TITLE: Coming Together: With Pride

December 31, 2007

June 2008 (eBook)
July 2008 (print)

Phaze continues its tradition of fundraising for charity with Coming Together: With Pride, an anthology of quality erotic fiction edited by Alessia Brio.

We invite you to participate in this philanthropic project by submitting a short story. Accepted authors will receive the choice of a small honorarium or a Phaze HeatSheet contract for an individual title. In addition, they'll receive author copies in both print (when available) and eBook formats. ALL net proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit HIV/AIDS research.

STORY SPECS: We're looking for stories up to 12K words. All pairings and sub-genres will be considered. Stories need not deal with HIV/AIDS-related topics. Please visit the Phaze website at for formatting and submission guidelines.

NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS ANTHOLOGY PLEASE! Reprints will be considered only if you have complete control of the rights.

Coming Together has never felt this good!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

For the Cure

Coming Together: For the CureWe are pleased to announce the contents of the 2007 edition of Coming Together: For the Cure:

A Town Called Night, by Sammie Jo Moresca
Angel on the Wall, by James Buchanan
Bound To Love, by Kelly Maher
Butterfly, by Alessia Brio
Discovery & Seduction, by Savannah Reardon
Domestic Goddess, by Lisabet Sarai
Ecstasy in E Minor, by Laurence Doyen
If We Were…, by Jeremy Edwards
Last Summer, by Jolie du Pré
Making Me Do Things, by Sommer Marsden
My Right Breast, by Amelia June
Not to Forget, by Vincent Diamond
Nuevo Dia, by Kate Burns
Photographic Memory, by Harley Stone
Seduced, by Tomas Ohand
Stay, by Selena Kitt
Sweet as Vanilla, by Kis Lee
The Glimpse, by Robert Buckley
The Wet Spot, by Carys Weldon
Tree Hugging Can Be Fun, by G.C. Rider

... with an Introduction penned by "Chelsea Girl" of pretty dumb things blogging fame.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

An Interview with Alex De Kok.

I've been lucky enough to catch up with another of the talented Coming Together Authors, Alex De Kok.

Where abouts in the world are you from?

From Newcastle upon Tyne, in NE England, living happily with my wife in suburban comfort, with the mortgage paid off! Good neighbours, the beauties of rural Northumberland within fifteen minutes drive, and the bustle of Newcastle a short bus ride away.

How did you come up with your Pen name?

Originally, I was looking for a gender-neutral name for a first attempt at first-person female in fiction, hence the Alex. The de Kok came from a bit of inspired twisted thinking. Inspired by what, I'm not sure, but I thought the whole thing had a ring to it. I've been asked if I'm Dutch or South African, but have to confess that it's purely a pen name.

How did you get involved with Coming Together?

I saw the initial invitation to participate in the Literotica forum, and the whole idea appealed to me, so in I jumped. Of late I've been busy on other things, or I'd try to be more involved, but I think I can see light at the end of my busy-tunnel, so maybe . . . Of course, it might be the train coming the other way!

When did you first start creative writing and then, when did you start writing erotica and why?

I started writing fiction, basically for my own pleasure, about twelve years ago, shortly after taking early retirement. I anticipated lots of spare time, but a retraining course gained me a qualification that enabled me to overturn a long-standing regret and I started a university degree course when in my early fifties, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree five years later. I now work as a part-time university tutor, but I'm due to retire again in a year or three. To balance the study demands, I carried on writing.

As for the erotic fiction, I enjoy reading it, if it's good. Too much of what I'd tried simply wasn't good, and I thought I could do better, so I had a go. About then, I first had a regular internet connection and shortly after that discovered Literotica, back in July 2000. After reading for a while I took the plunge and submitted some work. It was generally well-received, I was encouraged, and the rest, as they say, is history. I haven't written a lot recently, but I'm feeling the urge again.

Have you got anything published or due to be published soon?

Not as a solo work, but I have stories in three of the new series of erotic anthologies published by Xcite this year - see I have work in 'Sex and Satisfaction', and in 'Five Minute Fantasies', vols 2 and 3. I really must get my head down and finish a longer piece and see who might take it. As far as Literotica is concerned, my entry for the 'Midnight' chain is imminent.