Sunday, June 10, 2007

For the Cure

Coming Together: For the CureWe are pleased to announce the contents of the 2007 edition of Coming Together: For the Cure:

A Town Called Night, by Sammie Jo Moresca
Angel on the Wall, by James Buchanan
Bound To Love, by Kelly Maher
Butterfly, by Alessia Brio
Discovery & Seduction, by Savannah Reardon
Domestic Goddess, by Lisabet Sarai
Ecstasy in E Minor, by Laurence Doyen
If We Were…, by Jeremy Edwards
Last Summer, by Jolie du Pré
Making Me Do Things, by Sommer Marsden
My Right Breast, by Amelia June
Not to Forget, by Vincent Diamond
Nuevo Dia, by Kate Burns
Photographic Memory, by Harley Stone
Seduced, by Tomas Ohand
Stay, by Selena Kitt
Sweet as Vanilla, by Kis Lee
The Glimpse, by Robert Buckley
The Wet Spot, by Carys Weldon
Tree Hugging Can Be Fun, by G.C. Rider

... with an Introduction penned by "Chelsea Girl" of pretty dumb things blogging fame.

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