Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Author Interview with Savannah Reardon

Not only does this author have a fantastic writing name, she's talented and prolific too. Here's you're chance to find out a bit more about our very own Savannah Reardon.

Where abouts in the world are you from?
The Southern United States.
How did you get involved with Coming Together?
I've been involved sincethe beginning. When I read about the idea when it was first posted at Literotica, I found it to be interesting and thought it would be fun to participate.
When did you first start creative writing and then, when did you start writing erotica?
I started creative writing at a young age. I remember winning a short story contest in my school when I was in eighth grade. I started writing erotica in late 2003 after a friend sent me a link to Literotica.
Why do you write Erotica?
I enjoy it. There are so many different aspects that can be used in a story.
Have you any stories due for release?
My story "Discovery & Seduction" was recently accepted by Phaze for the Coming Together for the Cure anthology.

Congratulations Savannah, and thanks for the interview!

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