Friday, November 30, 2007

Under Fire

Coming Together: Under FirePulling together a volume so quickly was a challenge, but our incredible writing community once again rose to the occasion. We had a wealth of quality material from which to choose, and we are pleased to announce the table of contents *:

Introduction (Will Belegon)
Fire and Ice (Rachel Kramer Bussel)
Kindle (Shanna Germain)
The Fire God's Woman (Brenna Lyons)
Slow Burn Blues (Lefty McGee)
Blind Date (Stephanie Vaughan)
Candle Spell (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
Good with His Hands (Sommer Marsden)
The Poem That Will Fuck You Up (Lauren Hynde)
The Secret to Perfect Fondue (Jeremy Edwards)
Desire Becomes Demand (Mari Freeman)
Awake, Love (Laurence Doyen)
wither (Alessia Brio)
Fire (Lisabet Sarai)
Adagio (Vana Lafayette)
A Night at the Inn (Jamie Hill)
Make Me Yours (Rachelle Le-Monnier)
Cold Hands, Warm Heart (Vincent Diamond)
Woman, woman (Justanne Farrow)
Flaming Rescue (Jude Mason)
Bondage Sonnet 2 (Dr. Mabeuse)
Melting Point (Nicole Gestalt)
Ask Alice (Selena Kitt)
Shadow Lover (Sapphire Phelan)
Goddess of Poetry & Fire (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
Flaming Hot (Victoria Blisse)
Spontaneous Combustion (Aurora Black)
Swing It, Baby (Skylar Sinclair)
In Fire (Rebecca Leah)
Rising Phoenix (Samantha Sommersby)
Désir Brûlant (Gabrielle Miel)
Burn Zone (James Buchanan)
Dark Disguises (Lefty McGee)
Inferno (Michelle Houston)
Fire Escape (Shanna Germain)
Drive-In (Tilly Greene)
Creatures of Fire (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
The End of the World (Gwen Masters)
Epilogue: About Coming Together (Alessia Brio)

*Poetry is italicized.

The nitty gritty editing will take place over the next couple weeks. We have a 75K word manuscript (19 stories + 18 poems = 288 pages) to whip into shape. We'll post a release date as soon as we have it!

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