Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hot, Wet, and Now in Print!

Coming Together: Special Hurricane Relief EditionWith 15 rain-soaked stories and 7 storm-inspired poems, the Special Hurricane Relief Edition of the serial anthology Coming Together proves that water cannot put out some fires.

All royalties from the sales of this volume will be donated to the American Red Cross for disaster relief efforts.

Coming Together is "erotic altruism" at its finest!

1-59426-547-X / 978-1-59426-547-1 (ebook)
1-59426-952-1 / 978-1-59426-952-3 (print)

Introduction (G.C. Rider); Wave Length (Lauren Hynde); The Fury (Sherry Hawk); Thunder Beach (Dranoel); Identity (Liar); Wet Panties? (Will Belegon); Ridden Tempest (Harley Stone); Deluge (Vella); it's raining (Jamison Landry); Encore: Passadumkeag Waltz (Dave Edgar); A Storm in Time (Savannah Reardon); When It Rains, It Pours (Honey); Wetter Has Never Been Better (Alessia Brio); Katrina Dances (Moonlight Elf); Nouveau Soleil (Rebecca Leah); Katrina (Wicked Eve); Heather's Baptism (Justanne Farrow); Curiosity Is Not Becoming, Kajira (Alex de Kok); Grande Dame (BooMerengue); A Break in the Storm (Pat Daniels); Riding the Rain (Duel Citizen); Romance of Atlantis (Blue Rains); Tsunami (Dr. Mabeuse)

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