Sunday, August 30, 2009

Neat Oh!

COMING TOGETHER launches line of single-title ebooks

PITTSBURGH, PA – August 30, 2009 – In keeping with its altruistic focus, COMING TOGETHER, unveiled today plans to publish individual ebook titles to benefit Kiva. The line, entitled Coming Together: Neat, will be edited by Will Belegon and feature novella-length erotic romance and erotica.

"We like to keep submissions under ten thousand words for the anthologies so we can include more stories," notes founder & managing editor Alessia Brio, "but I've encountered quite a few authors who've said they'd like to contribute longer work. Well, now's their chance!"

Known primarily for its diverse short story collections, Coming Together bills itself as the erotic cocktail. The new line's title plays on that theme, with Neat referring to an undiluted intoxicant. Authors are encouraged to query using an automated form via Neat's web page at

As with all Coming Together publications, 100% of the royalties are donated to charity. The choice of Kiva as Neat's beneficiary was driven by the desire to maximize the impact of each release while allowing authors the opportunity to be involved in the process. Kiva engages in micro-lending, where small amounts can achieve a disproportionate yield. Authors will be encouraged to choose who receives their book's earnings in the form of a Kiva loan. When that loan is repaid, the author will have the opportunity to choose another recipient.

"The decision to explore micro-lending is exciting," says editor Will Belegon. "These types of loans have considerable potential, especially in our planet's most impoverished areas. A couple hundred dollars is negligible in the United States, but that same amount has a much greater reach in less economically powerful nations."

Belegon, a member of Coming Together's Board of Directors, has been involved since its inception. In addition to fiction and poetry, he assisted in the publication of Coming Together: Under Fire. With wildfires again raging in Southern California, the announcement of the new line also serves as a reminder that Under Fire is still available, and the charities it serves are again in need.

"Will was the obvious choice to manage this line," Brio says. "He is the best continuity editor I've ever encountered. No historical inaccuracy, weapon misuse, or sports faux pas is going to get past him. Plus, he has a great rapport with his authors."

COMING TOGETHER is a registered, voluntary nonprofit association governed by a board of directors. It was launched in June 2005 to provide a venue for rising talent while simultaneously raising money for worthwhile causes. To date, it has published 13 volumes of erotic fiction & poetry featuring the work of over 165 authors, poets, and illustrators.

Will Belegon, Neat editor
Alessia Brio, founder & managing editor
412.254-3324 (voice/SMS)
866.837-6407 (fax)

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