Thursday, October 15, 2009

BAD 2009: Climate Change

Coming Together: Al FrescoThe writers forum I most often frequent is a varied and interesting place. It has been the proving ground for some wonderful amateur writers who have become professionals, an incubator for Coming Together, and the meeting place of many who have subsequently taken their virtual relationships into meat space. (Will Belegon and I met there, for example, and now he's upstairs. We still often post and tweet at one another to communicate, though.)

Anywhere passionate, intelligent eroticists congregate is going to have passionate, intelligent conversation, and -- amazingly -- not all will involve sex. One of the topics that always inspires "lively" (read: contentious) discussion is climate change. It gets quite nasty in the global warming threads. Folks feel strongly about this subject.

From my perspective, there's no question that we must take steps to attempt to slow this climate change process. It doesn't matter to me if it's a cyclic occurrence or if it's entirely the fault of man or (as I believe) a combination of the two, the fact remains that our environment is changing in ways that I find unacceptable. We can do much to ameliorate the damage.

I'm extraordinarily proud that Coming Together has published a volume of sexy stories to benefit Conservation International. The authors who contributed their work are some of the finest in the genre. I'm thrilled that All Romance eBooks (which is the ONLY place you can buy Al Fresco) has waived its cut of the proceeds so that ALL of the revenue from each sale goes to the cause. Appropriately, the collection is only available as an ebook. There is no dead-tree guilt involved with the production or consumption of this book.

Yes, it's priced high ($10) for an ebook, BUT 100% of every purchase goes to protect rainforest acreage via Conservation International. Just think, you get the enjoyment of a book full of outdoor sex stories by some fine authors AND you protect two-thirds of an acre of rainforest at the same time. WIN-WIN!

peace and passion,

~ Alessia Brio

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dealing with Isabella, by Jenna Byrnes

Dealing with Isabella
The first release in the new Neat line of novella-length ebooks, which benefits Kiva!

Dealing with Isabella

Jason Walden is drawn to the mansion sitting high on a hill in West Seattle and even more drawn to the house's beautiful owner.

Sabrina Kane is gorgeous but uptight and straight-laced. Her twin sister, Isabella, is equally beautiful, but exactly the opposite: foot-loose and fancy-free.

The quiet twin captures Jason's interest, and as he paints their mansion on canvas, he imagines building a life with her. As details from her past emerge, he discovers that before he can move forward with Sabrina, he must first handle Dealing with Isabella.
Available at these fine sites: