Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dealing with Isabella, by Jenna Byrnes

Dealing with Isabella
The first release in the new Neat line of novella-length ebooks, which benefits Kiva!

Dealing with Isabella

Jason Walden is drawn to the mansion sitting high on a hill in West Seattle and even more drawn to the house's beautiful owner.

Sabrina Kane is gorgeous but uptight and straight-laced. Her twin sister, Isabella, is equally beautiful, but exactly the opposite: foot-loose and fancy-free.

The quiet twin captures Jason's interest, and as he paints their mansion on canvas, he imagines building a life with her. As details from her past emerge, he discovers that before he can move forward with Sabrina, he must first handle Dealing with Isabella.
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Jamie Gerry said...

I'm very excited to have the first release in the Neat line! Thanks Alessia and Will.

~ Jenna