Friday, February 19, 2010

Presents: Remittance Girl

Coming Together Presents: Remittance Girl
Presents is Coming Together's elite line of single-author titles edited by Lisabet Sarai. ALL proceeds from their sales will benefit the charities selected by their authors. In this volume, Coming Together is delighted to present Remittance Girl, whose chosen charity is the ACLU.

Coming Together Presents: Remittance Girl collects seventeen erotic stories by the mysterious and reclusive Remittance Girl. Open the cover and enjoy incredible tales of twisted desire and overwhelming lust, intricate and perfect as some Chinese jade carving.

An expat living in Vietnam, RG deftly captures the realities of life in Southeast Asia: the debilitating heat and humidity, the riotous energy and color and the loneliness of being an outsider. However, she's equally at home in gritty British suburbia or the beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Don’t expect light-hearted tales of playful sex from RG’s pen. Don’t expect romance—though sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish true love from satisfied desire. Be ready for tales with an edge, with a sting, and occasionally, with a moral. While many of RG’s stories are vividly realistic, some of her offerings are fables: unsanitized, old-fashioned fairy tales that retain a taste of terror.

RG’s writing strikes to the heart of the erotic. Her sex is strong and messy and real. She is not afraid to explore the darkest, rawest fantasies. When she writes kink, it’s not fashionable sex games—it is inevitable, compelling, inescapable, cutting to the core of her characters.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Neat: Ryder's Mate

Coming Together announces a new release in its Neat line of novellas to benefit Kiva:

Ryder James knows from the moment he meets Jesse Krantz that Jesse is trouble. Figuring out what kind of trouble is not so easy. Ryder knows his duty: to protect the people of Sanctuary, Michigan. Period. If that means ignoring his instant attraction toward the impetuous young man, so be it.

Jesse Krantz is looking for explanations – or revenge. Will the truth he finds in Sanctuary end his life or save it?

Coming Together: Neat is proud to present erotic paranormal author Wendy Stone's first venture into gay male romance with a tale of two men who want very different things – but also want each other.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Presents: M. Christian

Coming Together Presents: M. ChristianComing Together is thrilled to announce the release of the first title in its elite Presents line of full length, single-author titles edited by Lisabet Sarai.

Coming Together Presents: M. Christian benefits Planned Parenthood and is now available from the following online vendors: