Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aurally Yours

Coming Together: Out Loud
Check out what's new on the Coming Together audio front! Contributing author & podcaster extraordinaire, Nobilis, is featuring a Coming Together story from one of the anthologies each month! He's pulled together some awesome vocal talent to do justice to our sexy shorts. You can listen for free on Nobilis' podcast site, or you can purchase the MP3 files for just 69 cents to download to your computer or portable device(s) for offline listening!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leget's Despair

Leget's Despair
In pursuit of dreams, men venture beyond the world of their experience. Leget is such a man. Powerful and talented, he is also an innocent. Not sexually, but morally. He believes in simple answers to complex questions. Luckily, he has a guide and a protector.

Lancelot, hero of legend, is less naïve. Yet he finds his world view challenged by the honesty and beauty of young Leget and determines to bring the boy to Camelot. On their journey, Lancelot will remember things he had forgotten and discover that he is still capable of love.

Leget's Despair is a homoerotic tale of a knight and a hopeful squire who share more than a campsite; in which the simple honor of a country lad is tested to its breaking point. Leget will discover both the good and the evil in the world. On the road to Camelot, he will find companionship and the hope of a life more exciting than farming. He will also find that even a hero cannot protect him from everything, and that politics is quite literally a deadly business.

* * *

Coming Together: Neat is an ebook-only line of novella-length (10K-50K word) single titles edited by Will Belegon. As with all Coming Together publications, diversity is the keyword. Thus, all colors and flavors of erotic fiction are welcome.

ALL proceeds from the sales of Coming Together: Neat titles will be placed in a microlending account at Kiva (, where they will help entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries launch or expand their businesses.

The contributing authors are encouraged to manage the microlending of their proceeds by joining Neat's Kiva lending team.

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