Monday, August 02, 2010

Auto-Erotic Altruism

Coming Together: By Hand
Coming Together is pleased to announce the contents of its next anthology! This collection of stories with a masturbatory theme features many Coming Together veterans as well as 4 Coming Together virgins.

Tresspass (Lisabet Sarai)
Start without Me (Raziel Moore (a/k/a Monocle))
You First (Roger Smith)
The Brotherhood of the Hand (Robert Buckley)
Thank God It's Friday (T. Highwayman)
Webcam Amateur (Giselle Renarde)
Quite Contrary (Allison Wonderland)
Through the Walls Dreaming (Michelle Houston)
Moonlight and a Pair of Panties (Arya Rewan)
That Next Time (Thelonius Sexton)
A Stolen Moment (Heidi Champa)
Aftercare (Maximilian Lagos)
Hibernation (Jean Roberta)
Home Again (Jean Roberta)
Bathroom Witch and the Birthday Boy (Giselle Renarde)
Moving Day (Jenna Byrnes)
Young & Crazy (Heather Lin)
Love's Tender Gender Bender (C. Sanchez Garcia)
Like This (Rachel Kramer Bussel)
Digital Manipulation (Alessia Brio)

Release is planned for Fall 2010 in ebook. Proceeds benefit the Coalition for Positive Sexuality.