Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Flux

Coming Together: In Flux is a multi-author anthology of erotic fiction edited by Nobilis Reed. The theme of this anthology is transformation of the body or mind. We're not talking about something as easy as changing jobs, changing homes, or even becoming a lifestyle submissive. This is about what happens to your personal and sexual experience when your body or mind changes in some fundamental way, whether natural, artificial, or supernatural. Sales proceeds and related donations will benefit the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, whose mission is to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

Available now digitally at: Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, OmniLit and Amazon. (Paperback coming soon to CreateSpace and Amazon.)

Coming Together: In Flux contains:
  • Lawman - Angela Caperton 
  • Final Note - Shanna Germain 
  • Actual Size - Nobilis Reed 
  • Love Everlasting - Skylar Sinclair 
  • Ready - Xan West 
  • Upgrade - Peter Tupper 
  • Meltdown - Ann Regentin 
  • Transformative - Kissiah Aiken 
  • Explosion - Nobilis Reed 
  • Water Shaman - Jhada Addams 
  • Unlock my Heart - R Taylor 
  • Three Moons - Mildred Cady 
  • Feast of the Incarnations - Gayle Straun

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adapting to Change

It's no secret that ebooks are changing the publishing world. Self-publishing, both in ebook and print, is having a significant impact as well. Anthologies don't seem to be as attractive -- to readers OR authors -- as they once were. Thus, Coming Together is shifting its publishing model.

We are now accepting submissions of 5,000 to 20,000 word stories for individual ebook publication. Authors can select one of our many existing charities or suggest a new one. Each accepted manuscript will receive its own cover art and will be professionally edited prior to release.

Since Coming Together does not ask for exclusivity, the author can also submit the story to anthologies not seeking first print or exclusive rights. Coming Together also welcomes reprints as long as the author owns the rights.

One of our lines, Neat, allows authors to essentially "launder" their royalties by first having them loaned via Kiva. Given that some Coming Together vendors have waived their commissions, this is a sweet option 'cause 100% of the sale price comes back to us! After the loan is repaid, the authors can take their money and run... or continue to loan it.

So, leverage your words for good. Practice erotic altruism by submitting to Coming Together. Erotica is preferred, but we will consider quality fiction in any genre.
Query by completing the form located HERE. Thanks!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great Review for Presents: C. Sanchez-Garcia

Reviewed By: Ashley Lister on EROTICA REVEALED

The Coming Together anthologies are probably one of the worthiest causes in contemporary literature.  To date the single author collections have included M. Christian, Rob Buckley and Remittance Girl, edited under the aegis of the incomparable Lisabet Sarai.  Anthologies of erotic short stories, that benefit charitable causes, allow readers to contribute to something worthy and enjoy the pleasure of erotic literature all for the same price.  It’s like chocolate flavoured sex with a bonus of cash presented at the enormously satisfactory conclusion: it simply cannot get any better.

The proceeds from Coming Together Presents C. Sanchez-Garcia will benefit the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). RAINN is the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization. It operates a national hotline, educates the public about sexual assault; and leads national efforts to prevent sexual assault, improve services to victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice.

But Coming Together Presents C. Sanchez-Garcia would be worth buying without the benefit of supporting a worthy cause.  Coming Together Presents C. Sanchez-Garcia is a bloody good book.

Because this is a collection of short stories, I’ll begin by saying that the quality is consistent and high, even though the approach varies in a range of eclectic styles and considered approaches.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing TABOOTY!

Inspired by's blocking of certain titles due to the fact that they contain incest, Coming Together: Tabooty is an ebook line featuring taboo relationships. Tabooty will feature erotic fiction considered taboo by current social standards. This includes not only incest but unusual fetishes and/or sex with clergy. Regardless of the taboo, all material will involve: (a) consensual relationships and (b) participants of legal age. There will be no sexual activity involving minors and no coercion (i.e., blackmail, rape, etc.). Reprints are welcome as long as the author holds the rights.

ALL proceeds from the sale of Coming Together: Tabooty titles will benefit the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Foundation. While there are currently no plans to take this series to print, it is possible that several stories may be combined into a print anthology at some point. Titles may also be recorded for podcast & sale via Coming Together: Out Loud.

Each title will have distribution through Smashwords (and its partners: Barnes & Noble, Fictionwise, Sony, Apple iBookStore), All Romance eBooks, OmniLit, and Scribd. These titles will not be available from Amazon. Kindle users can purchase the MOBI version from All Romance eBooks, Coming Together's preferred ebook vendor. 

To launch the Tabooty line, we have the following titles from two terrific authors:


Tolerance isn’t just the name of a small city in Georgia. It’s a way of life...

Jax and Abram are twins, each other’s life rafts in life. Through their parent’s death, foster homes, and the streets, they’ve clung to one another. Now they’re wondering if there’s something more.

Burke’s known the twins for years. Wanted them just as long. When they stay after closing one night, dancing, twining, whispering words he can’t hear... He’s ready to push things a littler further. Except the boys have something else in mind when they draw him into their relationship.

A BREED APART by Lisabet Sarai 

Rachel’s future as a governess is uncertain, a victim of her own desires and an unscrupulous former employer. So when a chance to revive her career appears, she can’t afford to question it, even when those questions are valid. A remote location, a couple who seem more suited to posh London society than the country, and a sweet, smart young charge who immediately feels like a daughter.

The couple are not only willing to overlook Rachel’s lascivious past, they act as though they can accept and forgive it. Their beauty and presence stirs forbidden cravings in ways her Thomas never could. Everything seems like a dream come true.

Which is exactly what makes Rachel afraid.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

With Sommer

Coming Together: With Sommer
The one & only Sommer Marsden brings us Coming Together: With Sommer!

Psychic medium Martee Hollywood and the Seekers tackle three cases in this compilation to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Together, they face a house full of lusty ghosts who don't want to cross over, an Indian girl who lost her love and then her life, and a mysterious intruder who can't seem to be hurt or stopped -- all while falling in love, into bed, and into one strange case after another. The paranormal world has never been sexier.

Coming soon to B&N, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, and Apple's iBookstore.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Coming Together's audio titles which have been featured on Nobilis' erotica podcast are now being made available via Podiobooks where listeners can download them for free & donate if the earth moves. ;-)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Presents: Robert Buckley

The latest volume in the pretigious Presents series, edited by Lisabet Sarai, is now available from Coming Together & all major online bookstores!

Veteran erotica author Robert Buckley serves up a generous helping of erotica noir, featuring gangsters and private dicks, pimps and whores, cops and other sundry enforcers, each one more hard-boiled than the next. These vivid tales feature raw and graphic sex, along with violence, terror and betrayal. At the same time, they overflow with heart. Rough justice usually prevails, where the true evil-doers, the ones without souls, receive punishment, and the poor sinners who are capable of compassion get at least a chance at redemption. Coming Together Presents: Robert Buckley is a generous, arousing slice of life, well-seasoned with history and a dash of the paranormal.

EBOOK (978-1-4581-1833-2) AVAILABLE NOW FROM:
All Romance / OmniLit ~ Smashwords ~ Amazon

Create Space ~ Amazon

Monday, March 14, 2011

On Caps & Feathers

Coming Together is delighted to report that it has won another award! This time, it was at EPICon 2011 for Coming Together: Into the Light as best erotic anthology!

Into the Light joins Against the Odds as an EPIC eBook Award winner. For the Cure and Pondering the Indelible were also finalists for these awards.

doing good while being bad,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wicked Prey

Wicked Prey by Celia Kyle is the first title in an ebook line of interracial erotic fiction called Coming Together: Colors. ALL proceeds from the sale of Coming Together: Colors titles will benefit The Eracism Foundation.
Arria moves through life, a fierce predator slithering amongst the prey. Or is she? Even the fiercest hunter can become the hunted. The pursued. The captured. The killed. But what if she wants to be snared?

This short story is one of contrasts, the differences between predator and prey, hints of domination & submission and want & need between lovers. There's a certain glory in the differences in their colors, but their cultural contrasts relate to their animal counterparts and not those that may appear in a contemporary work, addressing current stereotypes.

Arria is a black mamba, one of the deadliest, yet vulnerable, snakes known to man, while Liv is a goshawk, a natural predator of snakes. They could--should--kill one another yet can't fight the attraction, or the risk associated with becoming close. Their sex is primal, fierce, and loving, constantly changing with the ebb and flow of their control over each other. (6,990 words)

Available now via ARe, OmniLit, and Smashwords. Coming soon to Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Sony, Apple's iBookStore, and Diesel eBooks.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Release in the Neat Line

Tangled Roots
AVAILABLE NOW at ARe, Smashwords, and Amazon!

Here's what Neat's editor, Will Belegon, posted on his blog:
Giselle Renarde's Tangled Roots is a multilayered tale about Simone, who has come to a crossroads in her life. In order to move forward, she is going to have to chose more than just a path right or left... she is going to have to confront the heritage and the past that has caught up to her at last.

Moses, the main male protagonist, is both what she wants and what she most fears. He will challenge both her assumptions and her misconceptions... and force her out of a comfort zone that has been holding her back in ways she has both cultivated and in areas of which she is completely unaware.

The short length of this piece does not keep it from being a complex, well thought-out journey through Simone's past and her state of mind. It also addresses the subject of race and pride from an internal perspective, exploring how the outward assumptions of those around Simone shape her world and affect not only how she treats others, but her own sense of worth.

A good read for a good cause; all Coming Together:Neat proceeds are used to fund micro-loans through Kiva. This work is also available through eXcessica, and if you think it sounds familiar, you might own it already.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Over the Rainbow

Coming Together: Over the Rainbow
Available now! Coming Together: Over the Rainbow is a 200-page x9 journal (right side lined, left side unlined & interspersed with inspirational words of encouragement and empowerment). 100% of sales proceeds benefit the It Gets Better Project.
    HARDCOVER ISBN 978-1-4583-4709-1
    PAPERBACK ISBN 978-1-4609-6283-1
    $29.99 $22.49 (Save 25% + maximize revenue)
    Coming soon to:
    Amazon | B&N | Borders | Powell's | Books-a-Million
    CreateSpace (maximizes revenue)
    Coming soon to:
    B&N | Borders | Powell's | Books-a-Million