Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Presents: Robert Buckley

The latest volume in the pretigious Presents series, edited by Lisabet Sarai, is now available from Coming Together & all major online bookstores!

Veteran erotica author Robert Buckley serves up a generous helping of erotica noir, featuring gangsters and private dicks, pimps and whores, cops and other sundry enforcers, each one more hard-boiled than the next. These vivid tales feature raw and graphic sex, along with violence, terror and betrayal. At the same time, they overflow with heart. Rough justice usually prevails, where the true evil-doers, the ones without souls, receive punishment, and the poor sinners who are capable of compassion get at least a chance at redemption. Coming Together Presents: Robert Buckley is a generous, arousing slice of life, well-seasoned with history and a dash of the paranormal.

EBOOK (978-1-4581-1833-2) AVAILABLE NOW FROM:
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