Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing TABOOTY!

Inspired by Amazon.com's blocking of certain titles due to the fact that they contain incest, Coming Together: Tabooty is an ebook line featuring taboo relationships. Tabooty will feature erotic fiction considered taboo by current social standards. This includes not only incest but unusual fetishes and/or sex with clergy. Regardless of the taboo, all material will involve: (a) consensual relationships and (b) participants of legal age. There will be no sexual activity involving minors and no coercion (i.e., blackmail, rape, etc.). Reprints are welcome as long as the author holds the rights.

ALL proceeds from the sale of Coming Together: Tabooty titles will benefit the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Foundation. While there are currently no plans to take this series to print, it is possible that several stories may be combined into a print anthology at some point. Titles may also be recorded for podcast & sale via Coming Together: Out Loud.

Each title will have distribution through Smashwords (and its partners: Barnes & Noble, Fictionwise, Sony, Apple iBookStore), All Romance eBooks, OmniLit, and Scribd. These titles will not be available from Amazon. Kindle users can purchase the MOBI version from All Romance eBooks, Coming Together's preferred ebook vendor. 

To launch the Tabooty line, we have the following titles from two terrific authors:


Tolerance isn’t just the name of a small city in Georgia. It’s a way of life...

Jax and Abram are twins, each other’s life rafts in life. Through their parent’s death, foster homes, and the streets, they’ve clung to one another. Now they’re wondering if there’s something more.

Burke’s known the twins for years. Wanted them just as long. When they stay after closing one night, dancing, twining, whispering words he can’t hear... He’s ready to push things a littler further. Except the boys have something else in mind when they draw him into their relationship.

A BREED APART by Lisabet Sarai 

Rachel’s future as a governess is uncertain, a victim of her own desires and an unscrupulous former employer. So when a chance to revive her career appears, she can’t afford to question it, even when those questions are valid. A remote location, a couple who seem more suited to posh London society than the country, and a sweet, smart young charge who immediately feels like a daughter.

The couple are not only willing to overlook Rachel’s lascivious past, they act as though they can accept and forgive it. Their beauty and presence stirs forbidden cravings in ways her Thomas never could. Everything seems like a dream come true.

Which is exactly what makes Rachel afraid.

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