Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adapting to Change

It's no secret that ebooks are changing the publishing world. Self-publishing, both in ebook and print, is having a significant impact as well. Anthologies don't seem to be as attractive -- to readers OR authors -- as they once were. Thus, Coming Together is shifting its publishing model.

We are now accepting submissions of 5,000 to 20,000 word stories for individual ebook publication. Authors can select one of our many existing charities or suggest a new one. Each accepted manuscript will receive its own cover art and will be professionally edited prior to release.

Since Coming Together does not ask for exclusivity, the author can also submit the story to anthologies not seeking first print or exclusive rights. Coming Together also welcomes reprints as long as the author owns the rights.

One of our lines, Neat, allows authors to essentially "launder" their royalties by first having them loaned via Kiva. Given that some Coming Together vendors have waived their commissions, this is a sweet option 'cause 100% of the sale price comes back to us! After the loan is repaid, the authors can take their money and run... or continue to loan it.

So, leverage your words for good. Practice erotic altruism by submitting to Coming Together. Erotica is preferred, but we will consider quality fiction in any genre.
Query by completing the form located HERE. Thanks!

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