Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupy Coming Together

AVAILABLE NOW: Two titles to benefit the occupy movement! We are the 99 cents... erm, percent!

Who knew bonds were that risky? When she lost her shirt in the market, Jessie was halfway to her new career. She just needed a stop-gap, a breather before she found another job. Her rent was past due, and the only assets she could depend on for a good return were her body, which was guaranteed to earn interest, and her adventurous spirit. When she meets her trick, Jessie finds herself in a delicious triangle of sex that just might pay the bills. (4,200 words)

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Every full moon, the folk who live under the ocean waves come together in the shallows to reenact their rituals of life and desire. But poor Umbriel stays always away, trapped in dreams of being human. In "Gravity," Gayle C. Strain re-imagines one of the world's favorite fairy tales as an epic of lust and tragedy, of the passion that burns the boundaries between worlds. (7,540 words)

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