Friday, July 27, 2012

Tentacle anthology stories selected

Submissions for Arm in Arm in Arm...* have closed and editor Nobilis Reed has made his selections. Over 110,000 words of tentacle erotica to benefit Oceana with stories from a few of Coming Together's awesome regulars plus a baker's dozen new-to-us authors!

Below is the line-up. (Bolded authors are new to Coming Together.) Release is planned for September 2012 in ebook & print-on-demand paperback. Longer stories may also be released as individual titles.

  • A Perfect Place by Joyce Wegmuller
  • A Visitor in the Darkness by Kade Azkyroth
  • Caroline by Jessica Dylan Miele
  • Parley by Sarah Klein
  • Dehra by Raziel Moore
  • Deluge by Elizabeth Thorne
  • Fleshpot by Lisabet Sarai
  • Freedom for a Small Part by Annabeth Leong
  • His Black Mirror by Frances Jones
  • Holiday at Two Hoots by Molly Tanzer
  • I am S.A.M.I. by Jake M. Winters
  • Ink by Bernie Mojzes
  • Katrin & Brimi, A Love Story by Maxine Marsh
  • The Man in the Monstrosity by Skilja Peregrinarius
  • Polymorphously Perverted by Teresa Noelle Roberts
  • Sea Story by Lady Grey
  • Dream of the Fisherman's Daughter by C. Sanchez-Garcia
  • The Male of the Species by Kevin David Anderson
  • The Stars in the Sea by Jim Reader

peace & passion,

~ Alessia

* Coming Together is ever hopeful that this title does not meet with censure from various vendors and/or payment processors.

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