Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are you hungry?

The zombierotica collection, edited by Sommer Marsden, is slated for Halloween 2012 release. Here's the cast of erotic altruists. (New contributors are bolded. Lots of Coming Together virgins in this volume!)
  • Little Deaths (Cora Zane)
  • My Name is Brighton (Alana Noel Voth)
  • Dead in the Water (Lynn Townsend)
  • Head Full of Zombie (Alison Tyler)
  • Zombie Apocalypse: First Responder (Kissa Starling)
  • You Look Better Dead (Jeffrey L. Shipley)
  • Zombie Goddess (Sadey Quinn)
  • Dark Hunger (Erzabet Bishop)
  • Love Never Dies (t'Sade)
  • Meat (Bobby Diabolus)
  • Annie Morgan (Armand Rosamilia)
  • Queer Zombie Disco (Kirsty Logan)
  • The Tenderest Meat (Elise Hepner)
  • Last Man on Earth (Blacksilk)
  • Zombie Factory (Kiki Howell)
  • Screen Siren (Annabeth Leong)
  • You Make a Dead Man Come (Sommer Marsden)

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