Monday, September 24, 2012

Bloody good line-up for In Vein

Selections for the vampirerotica collection edited by Lisabet Sarai have been made, and they look delicious! This volume adds 7 new authors (bolded) to the Coming Together family and includes 9 stories from repeat contributors. It is slated for release during the holiday season this year.
  • Blood Tint (Raziel Moore)
  • Cat (Giselle Renarde)
  • The New Normal (Jay Lygon)
  • Devouring Heart (Andrea Dale)
  • Jessebel (Sacchi Green)
  • Nixie's in Love (C. Sanchez-Garcia)
  • My Soul to Take (Kimber Vale)
  • Willing (Xan West)
  • You'll Love the City (Naomi Bellina)
  • It's Lovely, It's Horrible (Kathleen Bradean)
  • The Taste of B Negative (Cheyenne Blue)
  • Red Wet Kiss (Beryl Falls)
  • One More Transformation (Nobilis Reed)
  • The Curse (M. Christian)
  • Vampires, Limited (Lisabet Sarai)

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