Monday, July 08, 2013

Treasures: Sommer Marsden


Once in a great while, an editor collides with an author who is an absolute joy to work with. One who delivers the goods on time (or even early), one who needs minimal edits and is gracious when changes are necessary, and--in the case of Coming Together--one who is unfailingly generous with her words. Given how hard won my words are to me, the latter is extremely precious.

Sommer Marsden has been a Coming Together contributor since its first open call way back in 2006. Back when ebooks were the inferior cousins of real books. Before Kindles and Nooks and iPads.

Sommer was there.

She has consistently submitted her stories to Coming Together collections ever since. I don't think I've ever turned one away. And why would I? She writes edgy, raw passion. Unapologetic sexuality. It really doesn't matter if the protagonist shares your kinks and triggers. She'll hook you with emotion.

Sex is extremely difficult to write well. Sommer makes it appear effortless! That said, I'd seek her work in any genre. She spins an engaging tale (tail?) regardless of realm.

This inaugural collection of Treasures will benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (, a charity selected by Ms. Marsden for very personal reasons. Your purchase not only benefits the organization directly, but also supports Sommer indirectly.

Thank you!

~ Alessia Brio


  1. Making Me Do Things from Coming Together: For the Cure
  2. Boil or Bake
  3. Anal Alley from Coming Together: Al Fresco
  4. Pagoda
  5. You Make a Dead Man Come from Coming Together: Hungry for Love
  6. Sugar
  7. Good With His Hands from Coming Together: Under Fire
  8. Smokehouse
  9. Lush Buns from Coming Together: With Curves
  10. Reclaiming Spring
  11. Things That Go Bump in the Night from Coming Together: With Sommer
  12. Dying for Love from Coming Together: With Sommer
  13. Intruder from Coming Together: With Sommer

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