Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pioneering Spirit

DEADLINE: 1 January 2015 / PUBLICATION: 23 May 2015

Coming Together and editor Nobilis Reed are seeking submissions of erotic stories with a pioneering theme. Think of the word in any sense you desire. As examples, pioneering can refer to research and engineering in a real-world or science fiction, magical, or steampunk milieu; it can be settlers moving into a previously uncivilized area in a historical, futuristic, or contemporary setting; it can even refer to combat engineers who facilitate troop movements, or the first species appearing in a previously barren environment. Above all else, the word refers to people changing the world by setting an example of a new way of living or thinking, whether in a practical or metaphorical sense.

The anthology will be dedicated to PG Holyfield, who passed on August 20, 2014 after a brief and vicious battle with cholangiocarcinoma. All proceeds from sale of this anthology will go to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, a research foundation dedicated to collaboration, understanding, research, and education of this rare but deadly disease. PG Holyfield's novel, Murder at Avedon Hill was one of the first "podcast novels" and his work in this area marks him as one of the pioneers of the podcast novel form.

In keeping with the pioneer theme, we encourage established authors to strike out into new territory when writing for this anthology. Specifically, we are hoping to see submissions from authors whose primary genre is not erotica.

Due to PG's years of work as an audio podcaster, an audio edition of the anthology is also planned. Donations of assistance with audio recording and editing will be greatly appreciated.

Stories should be between one thousand and six thousand words. (Stories at the upper end of this range be also be released as single titles to benefit the same charity.) Manuscripts should be in Times New Roman font with 1" margins all around. Attach the RTF file to an email containing pen name, the author's website & social media links, and a brief bio. Exclusivity is not required, but please indicate if the work has been previously published. No simultaneous submissions. Send submissions to outsidethebox [at] eroticanthology [dot] com with SUBMISSION in the subject field.

This will be the third Coming Together anthology edited by Nobilis Reed. His previous anthologies are Coming Together: In Flux and Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm....

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