Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Outside the Box Authors

Coming Together and editor Nobilis Reed are pleased to announce the contents of the upcoming collection, Coming Together: Outside the Box, an anthology is dedicated to PG Holyfield, who passed on August 20, 2014 after a brief and vicious battle with cholangiocarcinoma.

Launch is planned for Memorial Day weekend 2015 at BaltiCon.

All proceeds from sale of this anthology will go to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, a research foundation dedicated to collaboration, understanding, research, and education of this rare but deadly disease. PG Holyfield's novel, Murder at Avedon Hill was one of the first "podcast novels" and his work in this area marks him as one of the pioneers of the podcast novel form.

Due to PG's years of work as an audio podcaster, an audio edition of the anthology is also planned.

This will be the third Coming Together anthology edited by Nobilis Reed. His previous anthologies are Coming Together: In Flux and Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm....

  • To Boldly Go (Lisabet Sarai)
  • A New Man (A.F. Grappin)
  • Geyser (Lukas Scott)
  • Lyon's Den (Leigh Ellwood)
  • Pioneer (Ian Jade)
  • Getting Plowed (Nobilis Reed)
  • The First Choice (CM Brooks)
  • Breeder (Nickie Jamison)
  • Dear Doctor (Salome Wilde)
  • Shadow (Precea Warren)
  • Perfect (Jennifer Melzer)

Bolded authors are new Coming Together contributors!

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