Friday, September 11, 2015

On Wheels


Submissions of short erotica and erotic romance are sought for the upcoming collection Coming Together: On Wheels, edited by Leigh Ellwood, to benefit UNHCR. UNHCR assists refugees around the world in seeking asylum and rebuilding their lives.

For this anthology, we're looking for stories about sexy, badass heroes and heroines on wheels. We want tattooed and leather-clad bikers, daredevil stock car drivers, daring street racers... fast on the streets but hot between the sheets, or in the backseat.

We welcome all sub-genres and pairings for this project. We'll take futuristic or historical, BDSM or romcom, M/F or anything in the LGBTQ spectrum. If they ride, we'll read. We are looking for believable characters and strong and sizzling prose guaranteed to melt any digital reader.


Direct all submissions to and CC

Include “Coming Together On Wheels Submission” in the header of your e-mail. In your e-mail message, include a short summary of your story, a two-line blurb, and a short biography, about 150 words.

Stories between 3,000 and 7,500 are preferred. The editor will consider stories as long as 10,000 if she finds them truly exceptional.

Coming Together contracts non-exclusive rights to publish, so previously published work may be considered. Please note it in your query, but remember you must own the rights to the work you submit. Stories over 5,000 words may be released individually through Coming Together as well, with the sales proceeds benefiting (Charity).

Please use RTF, DOC, or DOCX format when submitting a manuscript. Include your legal name and pen name and a working e-mail address. The editor will only consider manuscripts in the aforementioned formats attached to the query e-mail. DO NOT paste your story in the body of your message.

Please use Times New Roman font, size 12, and one-inch margins. Double-space paragraphs and set indentations to .3 – DO NOT use tabs or spaces to indent.

Coming Together is a non-profit organization, and all CT authors and editor have generously donated their talents to various causes. Compensation for inclusion in this work is a PDF contributor copy of the finished product and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping an amazing organization that is helping people around the world find better living solutions.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Strange Shifters

Editrix Lynn Townsend is pleased to announce her selections for the upcoming charity anthology, Coming Together: Strange Shifters. All proceeds from the sale of this collection will benefit Bat World Sanctuary.
  • Water and Fire (Jaap Boekestein)
  • The Dive (Lukas Scott)
  • Snowbound (Lisabet Sarai)
  • Small Change (Adrik Kemp)
  • A Reindeer by Any Other Name (Delilah Night)
  • A Hand Outstretched (Elizabeth L. Brooks)
  • Mine (Emma Whitehall)
  • Gator Tail (Leigh Ellwood)
  • Mouse Games (Lynn Townsend)
  • Bored in Heaven (Daniel Burnell)
  • Moonlight Ride (Marie Piper)
  • Woman without a Shadow (Bruce Meyer)
  • Circus (Nickie Jamison)
  • Valkyrie (Nickie Jamison)
  • Tar Pit Triage (Lily Malone)
  • Storyteller (T.G. Haynes)
  • Rezoned (T.B. Bond)
  • Champ (Margot McGuire)
* Contributors making their first appearance in a Coming Together publication are bolded.