Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hopping the Blogs

The Coming Together blog hop has begun, thanks to the magnificent Lisabet Sarai. There are prizes to be won with each post, and a grand prize at the climax (on Nov 28th). Check out the 1st two posts, and don't forget to comment! Lisabet will be keeping track of all the posts from blog hop headquarters (i.e., her blog).



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Meet the Poets!
Editor Ashley R Lister recently announced his roster of poets for the upcoming Coming Together: In Verse. Take a look as this line-up (which is in no particular order):

  • Ashley R Lister
  • Alessia Brio
  • Lisabet Sarai
  • Victoria Blisse
  • Rachel Woe
  • Janine Ashbless
  • Liv Honeywell
  • AJ Chilson
  • Roy Clements
  • Katy J
  • Ashe Barker
  • Lisa Bower
  • PJ Bayliss
  • Geneva Rose
  • Jay Willowbay
  • Slave Nano
  • Lily Harlem
  • Kay Jaybee
  • KD Grace
  • Norbert Gora
  • IG Fredrick
  • Jade A Waters
  • Adrea Kore
  • Bella Settarra
  • Okami No Koga
  • Daniel Davis
  • Joanna Harrington-Cruise
  • Sophia Sophia
  • Le Petit Mortimer
  • Eleanor Meadows
  • Angell Brooks
  • L Hollamby
  • Blacksilk
  • CA Bell
  • Ian Jade
  • Tamsin Flowers
  • Ruby Red
  • Colin Davies
  • Desmond Field
  • Rachel McGladdery 
The collection, which benefits Hope for Paws, is scheduled for Black Friday release.